The FlexFormer takes the reformer workout to a whole new level by combining two of the most effective pieces of Pilates equipment, the reformer and the Pilates chair. Our 55-minute signature class combines Pilates with strength training and high-energy music that will keep your heart pumping throughout. Expect an intense fast-paced, total body workout that will not only sculpt and tone long lean muscles, but will improve endurance, stamina, balance, alignment and of course core strength.

We’ll use our custom designed FlexFormer.
You’ll need grippy socks (they’re required!)


We are amping up Pilates Mat with a detoxifying boost of infrared heat. Our high-energy, endurance-building, full-body workout will get your muscles shaking and leave you dripping in sweat. Expect a challenging Pilates-based class performed in our infrared-heated studio. Get ready to bring the heat!

**please note this workout is contraindicated for pregnancy, sensitivities to heat, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure.

We’ll use a mat, weights, Magic Circles, and resistance bands.
You’ll need a skidless towel ($3 to rent) and plenty of water!

FlexFormer Arms & Abs

FlexFormer Arms & Abs takes our signature FlexFormer class and adds more emphasis on the upper body and core. Expect the same intense, fast-paced yet form focused workout that will sculpt and define shoulders, biceps, triceps and back muscles, not to mention give you even more ab burn! This is the perfect class for runners and spinners looking to balance out their routine by cross training and improving core strength.

We’ll use our custom designed FlexFormer.
You’ll need grippy socks (they’re required!)


FlexTRX, our unique approach to suspension training, is a form-focused, music-fueled, high intensity workout that uses your own body weight as resistance to challenge every muscle. It is efficient, effective and will develop balance and core strength as well as increase endurance and stamina. We target arms, abs, and lower body in 6 strength training rounds with 2 minute Tabata bursts in between. It’s a total body workout unlike any other!

We’ll use a TRX Suspension Trainer.
You’ll need sneakers and water.

FlexFormer Pure

FlexFormer Pure is our more traditional reformer class, taking the workout back to its foundation. Still an intense total body workout, FlexFormer Pure allows for even more emphasis on breath, form, alignment, balance, flexibility and core engagement. Expect classic reformer exercises like footwork, the one hundred, elephant, rowing, frog, short spine and more. This class is perfect to mix into your routine if you are just starting your Pilates journey or looking to perfect your alignment and form for your other FLEX classes.

We’ll use our custom designed FlexFormer.
You’ll need grippy socks (they’re required!)


FlexPrenatal, designed specifically for expecting moms, is a total body workout on our FlexFormer with a strong focus on pregnancy modified abdominal exercises to maintain a strong connection to the core and prevent exaggerated diastasis recti. Our Prenatal FlexFormer class will not only help you break a healthy sweat and feel your best throughout pregnancy, but will also aid in a smoother labor and delivery, and support a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy strength level. This class is also perfect for postpartum moms transitioning back into a fitness routine who have been cleared by their doctor to return to exercise.

We’ll use our custom designed FlexFormer.
You’ll need grippy socks (they’re required!)

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