A revolutionary full-body Pilates workout

Our signature reformer class combines Pilates with strength training and high-energy music. Our method allows for more exercise options and quicker transitions, ensuring that you will make the absolute most of every minute. It’s an intense, fast paced, yet form-focused total body workout that will keep your heart pumping and muscles quivering.


The Barre class that makes you sweat

FlexBarre combines traditional isometric barre work with movements in a full range of motion and interval training to keep your heart rate elevated. Expect a form focused, intense total body workout with an emphasis on toning the thighs, glutes, & hamstrings. This class is designed to make you sweat!


The gravity-defying all-access TRX® Class

FlexTRX, our unique approach to suspension training, is a form-focused, music-fueled, Pilates inspired, powerful workout that uses your own bodyweight as resistance to challenge every muscle. It is efficient, highly effective and will develop balance and core strength as well as increase endurance and stamina. Since your bodyweight creates the resistance, FlexTRX is designed with the ability to modify or advance any exercise. A total body workout unlike any other!

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