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Justine Roux

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Justine was born and raised in Napa Valley, CA. As soon as she could walk and talk she was dancing and singing. Justine left her small town and moved to New York City to pursue a Bachelors degree in Modern Dance and Musical Theatre at Marymount Manhattan College. After graduating, she performed professionally and quickly found that she wanted to share her love of movement with a greater population than just the dance and theatre community.

As a dancer, Pilates was always part of her cross-training, and a passion of her own, so it was an easy transition and choice to become certified. She is certified in Mat and Apparatus through Pilates Academy International.

Justine’s background in dance and music is present in every class. She prides herself on coming up with fluid and creative choreography, and a playlist that inspires and motivates that movement. It is important to her that after every class, clients walk away feeling challenged and stimulated, and that she walks away knowing she has kept her clients form focused and safe .

While she has lived in New York City long enough to call herself an official “New Yorker,” she tries to hold on to her relaxed California roots. Forever a Californian at heart, Justine loves the intensity and energy of this city and especially the fitness world in New York. New Yorkers are driven and that’s what she loves most about teaching in this demographic. Don’t be fooled by her “beachy ” waves and laid back attitude at the start of class, she will certainly kick your butt once the music starts!

Teaches: FlexPilates, FlexBarre

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