Our Studio

FLEX Studios is your new home in boutique fitness. We combine the tried and true principles of Pilates with cutting-edge innovation to give you the most out of every workout. Our FLEXperts are highly trained and qualified to provide you with form-focused adjustments that will push you to your limits without compromising your safety. Expect high-energy fast paced workouts that leave every muscle shaking. FLEX was founded in 2012 by Jeanette Simon

The FlexFormer

The FlexFormer was designed exclusively for FLEX Studios to combine two of the most effective pieces of Pilates equipment, the reformer and the Pilates chair. Co-designed with the Villency Design Group, the FlexFormer presents a unique hybrid of chair and reformer Pilates methods, blending strength training and cardio for a full-body workout. You can expect quick, seamless transitions, a silent carriage and extra options for varying levels of resistance to make the moves more challenging, ultimately targeting the muscles more deeply for a greater burn.

IR Panels

Our FlexIR class is heated by state of the art full spectrum infrared panels. Full spectrum infrared heat is the most energy efficient way to heat a space and you get a major boost of benefits just from entering the room. You’ll get a feel good rush of serotonin and dopamine just like from the sun’s natural rays plus IR has been shown to help with cell repair, circulation, detoxification, and stress reduction. IR heat is the next step in exercise innovation.

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