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Why Every Runner Should Be Doing Pilates!

As some of you know I am running my first Half Marathon in July! Let’s just say running and I haven’t always had the best relationship… I was the kid who faked sick the day we had to run the mile in gym class. I just never thought it was something that I could enjoy. Today I happily admit that I was wrong.  I have been training for the last 9 weeks and now actually look forward to my runs. Wha?!?  In my teaching career I have worked with a lot of runners so know how…

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This year we want to GIVE BACK!!

Hi FLEXers, We are so thankful for the amazing community of instructors, colleagues, and especially clients/friends here @ FLEX!!! We want to GIVE BACK some of that love this season by initiating a social media campaign encouraging people to take the time to “GIVE BACK.” And we’ve got two awesome ways you can contribute!! Here’s how… Take a photo of your BACK (thank yourself for pushing through all those lat pulls last couple weeks) post the photo on your social media outlet of choice. Tag #giveback and @GIVE_BACK2014.  When you post feel free to tag friends and family members…

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Flex Featured on The Elvis Duran Show’s Workout Wednesday.

Watch Jackie take Worst Assistant Anthony of the Elvis Duran Show through a Flex 30/30 workout! [iframe id=”” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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Flex featured on Good Day NY!

Watch as Jackie, Lanae and Jenn take Duke Castiglione from Fox 5 NY through the Flex90 paces, giving him the ultimate FLEXperience of FlexTRX, FlexBarre, and FlexPilates! It was such a blast having Duke and the crew in the studio and we hope to see him back soon! [youtube id=”YhFWw0jTVc4″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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It’s no secret that music is a huge part of every FLEX workout.  The playlist can make or break a class, which is why we spend a lot of time and energy to make them so awesome! Ever wonder just what goes into the making of one of my FlexPilates playlists?  Here’s last week’s class & playlist with a glimpse into the process of how it all comes together and why I chose the songs I did… Opener/Warmup Friend (Hard Times) by Galantis  The opener is key to setting the tone for the class.  I like…

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feelfood, feel good

Lanae’s Go-To Lunch Spot In the sea of fast food that is 14th street, there is nothing that gets us flexers more excited than a new healthy eatery. Welcome feelfood! Located on 6th & 12th, this organic shop is going to be your new go to. I wish I could take credit for this little gem, but Jenn is the one who introduced me & got me hooked, specifically on their chicken wrap. Think spelt wrap with chicken, I add avocado (duh), goat cheese (duh again) & kale. Good-bye midday slump! And don’t worry, if something…

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A Note from the Owner

Jeanette Simon

It’s finally here! Welcome to the new As I’m sure you’ve noticed over the last few months, we’ve made some changes around here – new name, new look, harder classes, NEW classes and more of them! We’ve taken your feedback seriously and hope you’ve been happy with the results. (Reminder – always feel free to email with any feedback – we love it, all of it!). While it’s been a long process (and we have greatly appreciated your patience with us along the way), we are so excited to share with you what is a…

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