What is the philosophy behind Flex Studios?
It’s simple. We believe that cross training is key, so we have found 3 workouts that compliment each other perfectly and put them all under one roof.  From the lengthening resistance training of Pilates, to the toning and conditioning of Barre, to the stamina building cardio and a body weight training of TRX, each of our methods offers something different, yet you will find that what you do in one will carry over into the others. All of our workouts are form-focused, ensuring you get the most out of every exercise in every method. Our top-notch instructors are certified and qualified to guide you into proper form & alignment which will lead to faster & far superior results.
How is FlexPilates different than a traditional Pilates Reformer class?
FlexPilates takes a traditional reformer workout and turns it up a notch by adding functional strength training exercises and high energy music to keep the heart rate up the entire 55 minute class. Our method includes a greater variety of exercises, longer segments and quicker transitions, resulting in a sweat fueled, fast-paced Pilates workout.
Should I start with a private if I’ve never done a reformer workout before?
Our FlexPilates Foundations class is a great place for beginners to start and to get a handle on the equipment and the class format. If you have an injury or are looking for one on one attention we do offer private sessions and private package options, but they are not required to take class.
How many times a week should I take class to see results?
3-4 times a week is ideal to see and feel results quickly and then maintain those results over time. However, we have clients who come every day!  We recommend a combination of our 3 methods to get the best results.
How many students in each class?

FlexPilates classes are a max of 11 people

FlexBarre classes are a max of 15 people

FlexTRX classes are a max of 12 people

What should I wear/bring to class?

We recommend wearing fitted workout clothing, so instructors can see your form and alignment.  Loose clothing can also get caught up in the reformer, as well as dangling jewelry, so we do not recommend wearing any to class. For FlexPilates and FlexBarre classes, socks are required. We highly recommend grippy socks, like ToeSox, which are sold in the studio. Sneakers are required for FlexTRX.

We do not sell bottled water but do have a water filtration system in the studio & sell BKR® glass water bottles, so either bring your own bottle or you can purchase one here!

Do you have towels?
Do you have lockers?
Yes. We have Digilock lockers in the studio. However, we recommend that you do not bring anything valuable to the studio as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods.
Do you have showers?
We do not have showers, but we do have a changing room stocked with products to help you freshen up after class.
Can I share my package with my friend?
No.  Packages are non-transferable and cannot be shared.
If I have an unlimited membership can I take more than one class in a day?
Our unlimited membership includes one class per day.  If members would like to take a second class in a day there is a $15 add-on class charge.

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