Instructor Carol McDermott

Carol McDermott

Carol McDermott

Carol grew up a competitive athlete playing every sport under the sun. She excelled at lacrosse and played throughout her four years in college. She has always been forced to push her body to the limit, but she discovered her love for Pilates once she realized exercise does not mean pain. Carol is a busy mom of three and finds joy in Pilates, connecting the mind and body all the while strengthening her core. After three pregnancies finding your core is not easy, but the Flex Pilates method just works. Carol feels stronger than ever and notices a difference in everything she does since practicing Pilates regularly (she can drive the ball farther than ever on the golf course).

Carol translated her love for Pilates into a love for teaching a few years ago and has not looked back. She loves watching clients transform their bodies and minds in her class. She will push you to the edge and feel the shake all to a killer playlist! Carol knows the importance of form and cues to make sure each and every client is in proper alignment.

Come sweat with Carol in Woodbury! Life is busy but carving out 55 minutes for FLEX is something you will never regret.

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