Instructor Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones


Margaret has always had a passion for movement. She grew up following in her big sister (fellow FLEXpert, Elizabeth’s) footsteps, competitive dancing all through school. Her second home was the dance studio, taking classes and teaching them! Margaret graduated with a BFA in contemporary dance in 2015 from North Carolina School of the Arts where she attended daily Pilates classes, introducing her to a newfound passion for fitness! Since living in New York, Margaret has performed in various dance festivals, choreographed and presented her own work and performed in two music videos. She belongs to three different contemporary dance companies (BAREdance, Abarukas, and Monteleone Dance Collective) and works freelance as well.

While navigating the New York dance world, Margaret was led by Elizabeth to the welcoming family that is FLEX Studios! She studied under Pilates Master Instructor, Linda Ferrel, and received her Pilates certification in 2017.

Margaret has been teaching and choreographing dance for about 9 years to all levels and abilities. she’s learned to speak about the body in motion in a way that positively reinforces and resonates over a broad level of understanding. Margaret wants to continue her fitness education and soak up as much body knowledge as she can! Her goal while teaching is to create a happy and cultivating environment, allowing students the confidence to push themselves in healthy ways!

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