Senior Instructor Kelsey Watt

Kelsey Watt


Kelsey WattKelsey discovered the value of versatility and developed her interest in movement from an early age.

Hence her incomparable elementary school jump rope/tap/hip hop talent show routine.

With the blink of an eye and a high kick she now has her BFA in Dance from the U of MN-TC, Pilates Certification through Steele Pilates, & is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.

Her favorite ways to sweat are at Flex Studios with all of her fellow superstar instructors, on a run with some good beats, and dancing her heart out (Salsa dancing majorly included). As a movement trainer, she’s passionate about helping discover the unique qualities each person has that will help them find happiness and success in fitness.

Kelsey believes strengthening the mind-body connection is vital. “Reinforce good habits by surrounding yourself with motivational encouragement to get you where you want to go – Make it happen!”

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