Instructor Amanda Perlmutter

Amanda Perlmutter

Amanda Perlmutter


Passionate, Positive, Fierce


Amanda always gravitated towards new and exciting workouts and is a creature of habit who also gets complacent with workouts. She decided to become a personal trainer in 2019 with an ISSA certification and use all the experience from her variety of workouts to create a fusion of fun and change it up each workout for her clientele. Due to scoliosis the one exercise format that always stuck for Amanda was Pilates and the way it changed her body and opened her mind to lengthening and toning. It has always been so beneficial to incorporate into her regimen. Amanda became so invested in Pilates that she decided to take a course with Linda Fit Pilates in 2020 and recently refreshed her knowledge with an Equinox classical mat Pilates course. Amanda’s hope is that you leave her class always feeling a major burn, super lengthened, and fueling your own passion for Pilates!


Pilates Mat Certification (Equinox & LindaFit Pilates)

Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA)


When not in the studio Amanda is hanging with her husband and three kids, traveling, and enjoying time with family and close friends and … working out !

Fun Fact

Amanda loves tennis, and this year her and her doubles partner won their club championship!

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