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Jeanette Simon


Jeanette Simon

Jeanette started her professional career in NYC as an event planner handling high profile events at Yahoo!. After moving to San Francisco to be near the company’s headquarters, she discovered her love for reformer Pilates. Knee surgery on both knees led her to engage in Pilates-based physical therapy. From there, she was hooked.

When her husband’s career brought her family back to NYC (she’s a Long Island native and mom to three girls, Dylan, Sloane & Reese), Jeanette decided event planning was running her ragged with constant travel, long days and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. It took a vacation to Brazil to reevaluate her life and switch gears to a career in health and fitness. She came back feeling refreshed and spent the next 6 months receiving her Pilates certification from Pilates Academy International, NYC.

The ultimate goal was to create a unique space in NYC where people could breathe a little easier the second they walked in the door – a sort of “happy” place” where New Yorkers could join a community of friendly people, get an intense, fast paced, effective workout in under an hour and take advantage of the huge studio lounge atmosphere by reading magazines on the couches, chat with fellow classmates, etc. Keeping this idea in mind, FLEX Studios was born.

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