Owner Jeanette Simon

Jeanette Simon




Jeanette started her professional career in NYC as a corporate event planner. After moving to San Francisco in 2008, she discovered her love for reformer Pilates. Knee surgery on both knees led her to engage in Pilates-based physical therapy. She moved back to New York in 2010 and got her Pilates certification from Pilates Academy International. From there, she decided she needed to open a Pilates studio in NYC that stood apart from all the rest. It had to be a unique space that welcomed everyone, took away the intimidation factor that was happening in the boutique fitness world, hire only qualified instructors & bring the benefits of Pilates to as many people as possible. As a mom, she knows the value of an hour so when creating the workout, she made sure it was intense, fast-paced, safe & effective!

She currently lives on Long Island with her husband & four girls, Dylan, Sloane, Reese & Blake.


Jeanette goes into mom mode bouncing from Gymnastics & Dance classes, sports fields & carpool drop offs!

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