Featured FLEXer: Jaimie W.

Meet our first Featured FLEXer, Jaimie!


Jaimie has been a member for almost a year and is a self proclaimed “FLEX Groupie” and can find her sweating in the studio almost daily. Her positive energy is infectious and you might not meet a sweeter person ever…

If you are lucky she may even share some of her amazing baked goods with you! We are so happy she found us and absolutely love having her as a part of our FLEX family, so she was a natural choice for our first feature!

What motivates you to keep coming back to FLEX?

After my first few classes I saw immediate results in my body, flexibility, and strength, which ultimately motivated me to take my interest in Pilates to the next level. It quickly became my biggest passion and replaced spin as my go to workout!

 FlexPilates truly is the best full body, high intensity, fast paced workout. The reformers used for this class really teach you to have an overall sense of body awareness. I have found that the more comfortable I have become on the reformer, the more I can focus on improving my form while understanding the anatomy of my own body.

I also have to credit this favorite class to Jenn, Jackie, and Elizabeth. They have empowered me to set and attain fitness goals, and then set them higher. They make each class so fun and challenging, and have awesome playlists. I am always the good kind of sore you ache for (pun intended) after kicking it with these badass women!


What is the biggest change you have noticed (personal, physical or mental) since joining FLEX?

Having been an avid spinner I never realized that I was completely neglecting muscles that really were never used during spin class. While I am naturally petite (thanks mom), spin had definitely bulked up my legs. Since joining FLEX, my legs are toned but lean, I can do a split, am super flexible, and have acquired core strength that was non-existent prior to FLEX life.

What has been even more rewarding is the mental and emotional changes that I have benefited from. My mood is elevated every day and I no longer take any anxiety medication. FLEX is the best medicine out there 🙂


What is your favorite song to sweat to at the moment?

Anything Chainsmokers!!


What can we always find stocked in your fridge?

Hummus, egg whites, veggies, cheese, and Reeses 🙂

3 Little known facts about you are:

1. I am twin, and one of five children

2. I love all hip hop / rap > everything

3. Shoeaholic.


Toe Sox… Love ‘em or Loath ‘em? (**disclaimer – toesox are here to stay).  

Love’em, collect’em, and guys think they are cute, fact!


Depending on which class you take the most, complete one of the following sentences…

FlexPilates: “We say Reverse Kneeling Side Splits”, you say…

______________ .


FlexTRX: “We say Atomic Pushup”, you say…

______________ .


FlexBarre: “We say 3 minute plank”, you say…

        ABSolutely!       .


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