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Well+Good FLEX 30/30 with Mio Skincare and Lulitonix

FIT SKIN FOR LIFE We work to keep our muscles fit, its time we start thinking about keeping our skin fit too! Flex Studios was lucky to have the Well+Good team help host a Mio Skincare and Lulitonix 30/30 class in the studio this past Tuesday. Guests first attended an  30/30 pilates – barre class taught by Jenn and Lanae. After work ing up a sweat, they were treated to healthy refreshments from Lulitonix. Lulitonix served us up some of their popular blended greens juice, Kick! as well as Glow! Think blended greens with some other additions;…

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Flex Featured on The Elvis Duran Show’s Workout Wednesday.

Watch Jackie take Worst Assistant Anthony of the Elvis Duran Show through a Flex 30/30 workout! [iframe id=”” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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Flex featured on Good Day NY!

Watch as Jackie, Lanae and Jenn take Duke Castiglione from Fox 5 NY through the Flex90 paces, giving him the ultimate FLEXperience of FlexTRX, FlexBarre, and FlexPilates! It was such a blast having Duke and the crew in the studio and we hope to see him back soon! [youtube id=”YhFWw0jTVc4″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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GoRecess spotlights FLEX

“EVEN THE MOST FIT WILL FEEL CHALLENGED HERE” Challenging classes, knowledgeable instructors, and a welcoming atmosphere is something we are more than proud to take credit for! Check out what else GoRecess had to say about FLEX instructors and classes at

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Spotted: Alessandra Ambrosio at FLEX Studios


As seen in Life&Style, Alessandra Ambrosia trusts FLEX to get her in the best shape possible leading up to big events. Check out the article below to see her and other stars who can’t get enough of their favorite workout:  

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A Pilates-Inspired Playlist You’ll Love for Any Workout by Robin Hilmantel                 FlexPilates Director, Jenn Seracuse, and FLEX Studios were featured in a new column on, showcasing fun playlists from top trainers & boutique fitness studios across the country. For the full playlist (along with YouTube videos to some of the songs), check out the article here:      

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