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Why Every Runner Should Be Doing Pilates!

As some of you know I am running my first Half Marathon in July! Let’s just say running and I haven’t always had the best relationship… I was the kid who faked sick the day we had to run the mile in gym class. I just never thought it was something that I could enjoy. Today I happily admit that I was wrong.  I have been training for the last 9 weeks and now actually look forward to my runs. Wha?!?  In my teaching career I have worked with a lot of runners so know how…

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Keep it cool this summer with these foods! A word from Hannah B.

Baby, it’s HOT outside! The brutal winter is a thing of distant memory as we now struggle to keep cool instead of warm as we FLEX through our favorite workouts. After an extra sweaty session in when you felt like you were doing thousands instead of hundreds, your core can get super hot, in more ways than one. While it may feel like you want to go jump in a bathtub full of ice, there are more comfortable (and delicious) ways to keep your cool so you can conquer each workout like the FLEX-y rockstar you…

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Flex featured on Good Day NY!

Watch as Jackie, Lanae and Jenn take Duke Castiglione from Fox 5 NY through the Flex90 paces, giving him the ultimate FLEXperience of FlexTRX, FlexBarre, and FlexPilates! It was such a blast having Duke and the crew in the studio and we hope to see him back soon! [youtube id=”YhFWw0jTVc4″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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