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Why Every Runner Should Be Doing Pilates!

As some of you know I am running my first Half Marathon in July! Let’s just say running and I haven’t always had the best relationship… I was the kid who faked sick the day we had to run the mile in gym class. I just never thought it was something that I could enjoy. Today I happily admit that I was wrong.  I have been training for the last 9 weeks and now actually look forward to my runs. Wha?!?  In my teaching career I have worked with a lot of runners so know how…

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4 tips to get the most out of your group fitness experience!

A common question I get from new clients is, “What class should I take if I have never been to your studio before?” At Flex Studios we completely understand wanting to get the full benefit of a group fitness class when you are not an expert on they type of class or maybe not the most body aware in general. Here we have structured all of our programs to have a small class size. This allows the instructor to be able to see every person/body in the room and give hands on adjustments. At FLEX we are…

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We teamed up with prenatal fitness clothing company, Fitbump for the month of May to offer a limited edition 60 min combo class geared towards expectant moms called FitbumpFLEX.  The class combined 20 min each of FlexPilates, FlexBarre & FlexTRX.  Fitbumb also opened up their first ever pop-up shop inside the studio!  We also brought in some great prenatal companies like Mio Skincare, Bundle Organics Juice, Fluro Water, and nutritionist/mom-to-be, Samantha Lynch, R.D. to help nourish our hard working mamas! The event was a huge success with full houses of bumps burning every week! Here are some highlights from the month..  …

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